Saturday, April 25, 2009

yeow kee kopitiam

This place is located somewhere i circled on the map,but the map didn't show any shops there.

If you know where is premier 101,it is somewhere at the back of the left side of the whole area,you can see the shop if you at jalan kempas,it is a corner shop.

The bread toast there is popular because they use charcoal to toast the bread.It cost RM1.20per piece.The bread is quite nice and crispy,but nothing special for the butter and kaya.

Tryout the penang cha kuih tiaw at there,the stall is located outside.It cost RM3.50 each whether you want clam or prawn. This cha kuih tiaw tatse quite nice actually, the prawn taste great,i recomend to order the one with prawns.

Didn't manage to try the foods from other stalls,but i did saw many people order the fishball soup,you can have a try if you go there.

Thats all for this post,stay tuned!


  1. last time my grandpo's kopi shop also use charcoal toasting bread

  2. it looks nice.... feel hungry now.. hahaa

  3. looking delicious! =D