Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome me

Hey world,this is my first time blogging, actually i'm not a big fan of blogging. So the purpose i create this blog is to let you all explore all the food in Kuching and my recommendation on places to dine in Kuching whether is breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper,hawker stall, restaurants, seafood centre and at the same time get some suggestion from you,readers.

This Blog will also includes my personal life, me as a college student, and the happenings around me.

So let me introduce myself, i'm Raymond,will be 19 this year, studying in UCS. As for my personality,kind, nice, simple, sometimes shy sometimes outgoing and a lil bit soft-hearted.
Well, think thats all about me.

i'll be updating foods found in kuching as soon as i obtain some picture.

stay tuned.

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