Friday, April 10, 2009

Open Air Market(Next to Electra House)

This place is located somewhere at the padang merdeka.This place is always crowded with people when night falls, is a great place for supper.

There have been some changes to the roads here at open air market, but there is no update here at google map, so what you've seen on the map is not the same anymore,the road has became one way, but the place(open air market) should be easy to recognized at somewhere where i circled on the map.

The famous sio bee sold at there. The price of this sio bee is quite expensive, it cost RM0.60 per piece which the size of it is small. But anyway, its delicious but not worth it.

One beverage i will recommend there is the 五味汤 which is one of the nicest one i've ever tried in Kuching. The 五味汤 stall i recommended is the one located behind which they only mainly sell 五味汤 not the other one at the front.

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