Saturday, April 11, 2009

五味汤 and curry puff(open air market and india street)

Remember the 五味汤 i mentioned about on my previous post, will be sharing some pictures with you all, is the same place, open air market.

This is the stall i'm talking about

If you ask me whats so special about the 五味汤 here, is the special jelly here. not the pink colours one, is the almost transparent cube-like thing.

Close-up look of "yi bee" and the jelly i mentioned about, What i like about this jelly is that its very nice to bite, or like the Taiwanese always like to describe "Q". My recommendation,is a must try for anyone. A big bowl cost only RM1.50.

After that walk to india street to find out where the curry puff which many people introduce.

Sorry because no pictures is available for this place cause is not properly shown at google map. For the directions,lets start from the Bata Shop, if the bata shop is on your right, walk straight and take the first right turn, after that you should able to see the shop on your left. Theres 2 curry puff shop joining together but i think is not owned by the same owner. i bought back the curry puffs from the shop on left.

Each cost RM1.50 which is reasonable for me because its quite big and a lot of meats and potato inside. It is quite delicious, but i prefer it to be spicier.

That's all for this post.If there is any question, do post a comment and let me know.

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