Friday, April 17, 2009

Peach Garden(jalan song)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

I'm sure most of you know this place already.

This is the supper place for the citizens of Kuching, so what to eat since there is so many choices here. Well, i'm going to suggest some of the food that is nice and delicious.

One of the food you should tryout is the 油條.This stall is located outside at the first few stalls.

This cost RM2.50 ,it has quite a lot of meat and crab meat filling in between the 油條 and a lot of mayonnaise .They deep fried the 油條 with the meats which make it crispy and delicious. Although is quite expensive, i think it is worth it.

The HK style cha kuih here is a must try. This plate shown here cost RM4.00 and its delicious,the cha kuih is cut in big cubes,the combination of the bean sprout and the vegetarian sambal taste great with the cha kuih. This stall is located inside area at the corner.

This is the "pa mee"版面 which is also a must try,this stall here is actually not on the peach garden side,this stall its also located outside but near "xin wan" food court,but can be order from peach garden,you can ask the people who order drinks to order it for you.

This bowl only cost RM3.50 which is cheap because it is a lot so as the ingredient,it contains meat balls,meat,"Ma Ni Chai",fish cake and anchovies which taste delicious and still crispy even it is soak in the soup, the soup taste great.I suggest to add in the soy sauce with cilipadi if you like it spicy.

Thats all for this post. So go and have a try,enjoy!

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