Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Hill Corner(Infront of Medan Pelita,Ala Cart)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

This is the old sign board they use but it is now moved inside,the new signboard outside is now in purple color,if i'm not mistaken.

One of the famous stall here is obviously the beef noodle here,its been operating here for years,the beef noodle is consider my favorite in Kuching.But is quite expensive,it cost RM4.00 each.What's nice about the beef noodle here is the noodle they use,nothing much about the meat.

The chicken rice and malay mee goreng taste great but they only open during morning till noon. But the beef noodle stall is open during both morning and night.

So be sure to come here on the right time for the right food.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Saw something weird today.

Thats got to be the biggest signal light i ever saw

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thompson Corner(Nanas Road)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

This is the place to come whenever i want to eat "kampua".The kampua stall is the most corner one shown on this picture with the shell sponsored signboard.

This Kampua@RM2.60 for me is consider the best kampua in Kuching.Whenever i come here,i will order their kampua with chili sauce and soy sauce.The reason i like so much about this kampua is because thier char sio and the gravy(if you order the one with chili and soy sauce) which makes this kampua so delicious.The taste is not that spicy,instead its a little bit sweet and spicy. So my suggestion is,when you came here,order the one with chili and soy sauce.

Some nice foods here you can try is the claypot noodle and fishball special soup.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Elephant(Ang Cheng Ho)

This place is located on where i circled on the map.

"Elephant",i think not much people know about this place because the location of this place is quite hidden,somebody might also missed it driving through here.

This my favorite place to have western food in Kuching. Their pasta and spaghetti is great.

One of their spaghetti you must try is their "smoked beef garlic pasta"@RM14.90. The gravy is rich and thick and with the combination of smoked beef slice makes this pasta superb.

Here's some of the list of foods they serve.

First time trying out this dish called "fried carbonara chicken chop"@RM14.90, it is a deep fried boneless chicken which comes along with a special dip sauce they made. Nothing much about the crispy chicken, but when you dip the chicken into the sauce,it is incredulous delicious.The taste of the dip sauce is some sort like mixture of cream of chicken and mushroom soup.

Last but not least thier mix grill@RM16.90, with chicken and lamb.The lamb and chicken taste quite average,but the sauce is nice,you have it either black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.

Overall,the foods here may be a bit more expensive than places like Richmond and Westwood. But my suggestion is that the spaghetti and pasta here is a must try.

yeow kee kopitiam

This place is located somewhere i circled on the map,but the map didn't show any shops there.

If you know where is premier 101,it is somewhere at the back of the left side of the whole area,you can see the shop if you at jalan kempas,it is a corner shop.

The bread toast there is popular because they use charcoal to toast the bread.It cost RM1.20per piece.The bread is quite nice and crispy,but nothing special for the butter and kaya.

Tryout the penang cha kuih tiaw at there,the stall is located outside.It cost RM3.50 each whether you want clam or prawn. This cha kuih tiaw tatse quite nice actually, the prawn taste great,i recomend to order the one with prawns.

Didn't manage to try the foods from other stalls,but i did saw many people order the fishball soup,you can have a try if you go there.

Thats all for this post,stay tuned!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hui Sing Food Court

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

This place is often crowded during crowded during afternoon and night,but note that most stall will be closing starting around 10:30.Not so much people tonight cause is raining.

I've ordered some foods from the popular stalls here.

Stall No.4 which specialist in 炒煮.Ordered their tomato mee, not quite nice to be honest. Their gravy is not really sour,instead it taste quite salty but at least the ingredients they used is not bad.Overall this is just an average tomato mee.

Stall No.10,the satay and kankong balacan stall, ordered their pork satay which cost RM0.50 each. My good comments,this satay has quite a lot of meat and the peanut gravy is great. My bad comments,certain part of the satay taste a bit bitter, you will know why judging from the picture below.You can try their kankong balacan which is nice but quite expensive costing around RM7 above each.

Stall No 12,cha kuih stall,ordered their sweet cha kuih@RM3.00(big). Can't say is the best cha kuih i've ever tried in Kuching,but it taste quite nice.My suggestion,just give it a try.

Some suggestion from me when you come here.Since the area is quite wide here it is preferable to seat in the middle so that you can easily order foods from both left sides and right sides and easy for foods to delivered to you, but note that you can only order the drinks from the stalls nearby your seats.

Overall,my own suggestion,just an average supper place.But there is an stall selling ais kacang which is nice,it is somewhere located on the right side where someone is selling kuih at there,it should be the only stall selling ais kacang at that side, you can have a try there during a hot sunny afternoon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jade Pot(Ban Hock Road)

Jade pot is located at Ban Hock road.It is located at where i circle on the map.

This place mainly sell Taiwanese foods.

Their drinks is nice but quite expensive.Honey Green Tea@RM3.00

Blueberry Milky tea@RM3.00+RM0.50(with pearl,珍珠)

century egg + beancurd@RM2.00

This is their side dish, , it taste great because they use the sesame oil with chili,and it is just a little bit spicy so its suitable for all ages.This food is served cold.

ma-lak noodles(嘛辣面)@RM4

My favorites dish at there,you can have it in three levels of spiciness(小辣,中辣,大辣).It is preferable to have 中辣 which is moderate. The reason i love this dish is because of the combination of chili oil they used and the preserved sze chuan vegetable(四川菜) and minced meat which makes this dish spicy and delicious.

Fermented Red beancurd(南乳) meat with rice@RM5

which is also one of my favourite dish,they marinade the meat with Fermented Red beancurd(南乳) and deep fried it.The outer layer of the meat is crispy and yet the meat inside is still juicy.

Another dish you should try here is the beef noodle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shong Hin Porridge(Open Air Market)

This place is located at open air market,the one at the back where most seafood are sold there.

So is not under the same roof with the "shio bee".

The porridge stall is the second one from the left of this picture.I think most of you know the porridge here since is quite popular and its been operating for quite some time already.The stall only operating during night until late night.

The porridge is consider average for me only,the porridge is too watery which makes the porridge quite plain,so it would only taste much better with the soy sauce and pepper.

What i only like about the porridge is the meat balls.

Nothing much about the food there,most of them are selling seafood.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rocket Cafe(3rd mile)

This food court is located at 3rd mile,rock road,somewhere near the 3rd mile Amazing Pets branch.

Is located at where i circled on the map.

First time eating here,not really crowded here,only few stalls are operating even though inside is quite big.Tryout the fish fillet bee hoon here.

This bowl cost RM4.50.The taste is not that sour and quite plain, but the bee hoon is a lot so as the ingredients.This fish fillet bee hoon is quite like the mee sua just that it is fish not chicken.

I think their fish head bee hoon taste better and more sour which is nice, but didn't manage to take a photo of it.Another difference is that the bee hoon is thicker like the "zao cai"beehoon.

So when you go there,i would suggest you all to order the fish head beehoon not the fish fillet beehoon which is shown on the picture,it taste much better if you like it sour.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tempayaki(Spring Food Court)

Trying out the tempayaki at Spring's food court.

Seems like kuching in google map is still living in the past.Anyway, lets talk about food,the tempayaki sold at spring food court.

This is the chicken tempayaki set which comes with a cup of hot tea and fragrant rice which cost RM10.50

Can't consider is expensive or cheap,but it sure satisfies hunger.The taste of the chicken is quite delicious and tender,the beansprout taste quite nice too and it is not plain.

This dish is "shintake mushroom",it taste great.The mushroom smell is not that heavy which is good and very "Q".This plate cost RM4.

My suggestion, even though is quite expensive,but is worth a try.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Peach Garden(jalan song)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

I'm sure most of you know this place already.

This is the supper place for the citizens of Kuching, so what to eat since there is so many choices here. Well, i'm going to suggest some of the food that is nice and delicious.

One of the food you should tryout is the 油條.This stall is located outside at the first few stalls.

This cost RM2.50 ,it has quite a lot of meat and crab meat filling in between the 油條 and a lot of mayonnaise .They deep fried the 油條 with the meats which make it crispy and delicious. Although is quite expensive, i think it is worth it.

The HK style cha kuih here is a must try. This plate shown here cost RM4.00 and its delicious,the cha kuih is cut in big cubes,the combination of the bean sprout and the vegetarian sambal taste great with the cha kuih. This stall is located inside area at the corner.

This is the "pa mee"版面 which is also a must try,this stall here is actually not on the peach garden side,this stall its also located outside but near "xin wan" food court,but can be order from peach garden,you can ask the people who order drinks to order it for you.

This bowl only cost RM3.50 which is cheap because it is a lot so as the ingredient,it contains meat balls,meat,"Ma Ni Chai",fish cake and anchovies which taste delicious and still crispy even it is soak in the soup, the soup taste great.I suggest to add in the soy sauce with cilipadi if you like it spicy.

Thats all for this post. So go and have a try,enjoy!

老李food court(ban hock road)

This food court is located at ban hock road which is shown on the map on where i circled.

I will make a new post with the picture of the food court when i go there.

I was suggested to try out one of the kuih at here which they bought back, which is the "chai thao kuih" in hokkien.

This "chai thao kuih" taste great because of the shrimp mixture inside and it is still crispy even it is brought back from there hours ago. They say it is fried on spot and sold hot and delicious at there unlike many stalls which is ready made from home and sold outside.

One of the foods that must tryout at there is definitely the pork leg rice, it is one of the best i've ate in Kuching.I will make a food review about it soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"lucky" day(updated)

Guess what?for the first time,i'm stuck in a lift, for 40+ minutes, luckily only at the second floor.

How it feel?hot(1o people inside), stuffy and boring. But brings up some funny and interesting conversation inside.

One of the conversation from the speaker when we rang the help bell.

Some girl from the speaker:对不起哦,他们还没来.要等一下.
C : 等几下啊?
Some girl from the speaker:我不知道bo,他们说on the way從Batu Kawa來.
Everyone: Hah???!!!

In chinese
A: So hot, luckily got brought drinks along(Open ups her bag and take out a bottle of water)
B: You sure?There's no toilet here oh.
A:"Do it" here lo(giggles)

To be honest,quite a memorable day for me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big potato 炒煮

This food review i'm gonna do on this post is the located at the same place i review of my previous post. So do refer back to the map with the link if you've forgotten the directions.

This food review is the stall next to the kolomee stall,is the 炒煮 stall.

This is the tomato bee hoon, which one thier famous dishes, the sourness of the gravy is moderate, not too sour and their char shio is also nice.

This is the fried small mee, what i like about this dish is that they deep fried the mee and fried it again which makes the mee quite crispy but not too crispy which is moderate and thier mee is not too dried.

The bad comment i'm going to give about this dish is that the taste is quite plain, so i would suggest to add thier soy sauce with chilipadi provided to improve the taste.

One thing i've have to note is that the price of each 炒煮 here is quite expensive which cost RM4 each.

Their honey chrysanthernum drink is really nice and refreshing and this ends this post.