Friday, April 10, 2009

E-Taste Food Court(RH plaza)

This place is located at BDC RH plaza, it can be found at the area i've circled.

The coffee shop is at the corner. Only the hot pot stall and the kitchen at the back is operating during night. The hot pot stall is famous for its mutton soup and curry mutton soup.

The curry mutton soup is my favorite pick among the choice. The taste of the soup is not that spicy yet is delicious because is cooked with the lamb which improved the taste. It's a must try.

This one is the Asam fish. The taste is quite nice, but is nothing special since the taste is almost similar to other places.

Mushroom Pork Soup, first time trying this dish, and is surprisingly delicious for me who doesn't like to eat braised pork , because it doesn't have the strong braised taste, instead it taste really nice. My suggestion, just have a try.

Overall 5 pots,9 rice. RM40.++.One hot pot may cost you around RM6-7, is a recommendation from me if you and your family want a light dinner.

For your information, not all same choices you can get everyday here, they have different menus each day but the famous ones like the curry mutton soup and mutton soup will be selling for most days. Their menus timetable is paste on their stall

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