Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 dollars chicken rice(jalan mendu)

Trying out the RM2 chicken rice near my house.Its located at the shop house block at jalan mendu near sjk chung hua no.5. Its located at the place that i circled on the map.

Didn't manage to take picture outside the shop.

Here's some picture of the chicken rice i ordered.

I didn't order the RM2 ones, instead i asked for drumstick for 2 person which cost RM 8 which includes 2 rice.

Well, whats important is taste,right?The rice taste like every other chicken rice shop in kuching, but the chicken is quite different, the meat is quite tender,juicy and a little bit cold, in a delicious way with thier sauce provided.

Thats the end of this post, stay tuned.

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