Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big potato 炒煮

This food review i'm gonna do on this post is the located at the same place i review of my previous post. So do refer back to the map with the link if you've forgotten the directions.

This food review is the stall next to the kolomee stall,is the 炒煮 stall.

This is the tomato bee hoon, which one thier famous dishes, the sourness of the gravy is moderate, not too sour and their char shio is also nice.

This is the fried small mee, what i like about this dish is that they deep fried the mee and fried it again which makes the mee quite crispy but not too crispy which is moderate and thier mee is not too dried.

The bad comment i'm going to give about this dish is that the taste is quite plain, so i would suggest to add thier soy sauce with chilipadi provided to improve the taste.

One thing i've have to note is that the price of each 炒煮 here is quite expensive which cost RM4 each.

Their honey chrysanthernum drink is really nice and refreshing and this ends this post.

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