Friday, April 17, 2009

老李food court(ban hock road)

This food court is located at ban hock road which is shown on the map on where i circled.

I will make a new post with the picture of the food court when i go there.

I was suggested to try out one of the kuih at here which they bought back, which is the "chai thao kuih" in hokkien.

This "chai thao kuih" taste great because of the shrimp mixture inside and it is still crispy even it is brought back from there hours ago. They say it is fried on spot and sold hot and delicious at there unlike many stalls which is ready made from home and sold outside.

One of the foods that must tryout at there is definitely the pork leg rice, it is one of the best i've ate in Kuching.I will make a food review about it soon.

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