Friday, April 24, 2009

Hui Sing Food Court

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

This place is often crowded during crowded during afternoon and night,but note that most stall will be closing starting around 10:30.Not so much people tonight cause is raining.

I've ordered some foods from the popular stalls here.

Stall No.4 which specialist in 炒煮.Ordered their tomato mee, not quite nice to be honest. Their gravy is not really sour,instead it taste quite salty but at least the ingredients they used is not bad.Overall this is just an average tomato mee.

Stall No.10,the satay and kankong balacan stall, ordered their pork satay which cost RM0.50 each. My good comments,this satay has quite a lot of meat and the peanut gravy is great. My bad comments,certain part of the satay taste a bit bitter, you will know why judging from the picture below.You can try their kankong balacan which is nice but quite expensive costing around RM7 above each.

Stall No 12,cha kuih stall,ordered their sweet cha kuih@RM3.00(big). Can't say is the best cha kuih i've ever tried in Kuching,but it taste quite nice.My suggestion,just give it a try.

Some suggestion from me when you come here.Since the area is quite wide here it is preferable to seat in the middle so that you can easily order foods from both left sides and right sides and easy for foods to delivered to you, but note that you can only order the drinks from the stalls nearby your seats.

Overall,my own suggestion,just an average supper place.But there is an stall selling ais kacang which is nice,it is somewhere located on the right side where someone is selling kuih at there,it should be the only stall selling ais kacang at that side, you can have a try there during a hot sunny afternoon.

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