Friday, April 10, 2009

Golden Arch Laksa(3rd Mile)

This place can be seen easily at the round about at 3rd mile just follow the one i cirlced on the map provided.

I think most of you eaten before the laksa here since is popular of its big prawn.

It has 2 coffee shop in a block and open space sitting area in between for the customer. This laksa stall is the coffee shop at the back.

This laksa is consider my favorites laksa in kuching. This bowl cost RM3.5o cause i order small one with more bee hoon. The laksa soup here is a bit different here, its not too spicy and it brings a little bit of sweetness maybe because of the coconut milk which makes the soup rich.

Some others things you should try out here too is the curry chicken rice selling at the front coffee shop.

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