Saturday, April 25, 2009

Elephant(Ang Cheng Ho)

This place is located on where i circled on the map.

"Elephant",i think not much people know about this place because the location of this place is quite hidden,somebody might also missed it driving through here.

This my favorite place to have western food in Kuching. Their pasta and spaghetti is great.

One of their spaghetti you must try is their "smoked beef garlic pasta"@RM14.90. The gravy is rich and thick and with the combination of smoked beef slice makes this pasta superb.

Here's some of the list of foods they serve.

First time trying out this dish called "fried carbonara chicken chop"@RM14.90, it is a deep fried boneless chicken which comes along with a special dip sauce they made. Nothing much about the crispy chicken, but when you dip the chicken into the sauce,it is incredulous delicious.The taste of the dip sauce is some sort like mixture of cream of chicken and mushroom soup.

Last but not least thier mix grill@RM16.90, with chicken and lamb.The lamb and chicken taste quite average,but the sauce is nice,you have it either black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.

Overall,the foods here may be a bit more expensive than places like Richmond and Westwood. But my suggestion is that the spaghetti and pasta here is a must try.

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