Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rocket Cafe(3rd mile)

This food court is located at 3rd mile,rock road,somewhere near the 3rd mile Amazing Pets branch.

Is located at where i circled on the map.

First time eating here,not really crowded here,only few stalls are operating even though inside is quite big.Tryout the fish fillet bee hoon here.

This bowl cost RM4.50.The taste is not that sour and quite plain, but the bee hoon is a lot so as the ingredients.This fish fillet bee hoon is quite like the mee sua just that it is fish not chicken.

I think their fish head bee hoon taste better and more sour which is nice, but didn't manage to take a photo of it.Another difference is that the bee hoon is thicker like the "zao cai"beehoon.

So when you go there,i would suggest you all to order the fish head beehoon not the fish fillet beehoon which is shown on the picture,it taste much better if you like it sour.

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