Thursday, November 15, 2012

Plus One Shabu Shabu @ 1 Utama

Life back to KL been busy, didn't get to do much updates. Went to this place call Plus One Shabu Shabu at 1 Utama one month ago. Its my first time here.

Waiting for the soup.

You can choose from a variety of soup here, the one i chosen is the Macau Style Soup Base which is the recommended one from the menu. Doesn't like it much as its a little bit sweet because of the sweet corn and red dates used.

Whats special here is probably the many many different types of sauce you can choose from, there should be around 10 choices you can decide. i chosen myself the sambal, spicy bean sauce, lao gan ma(chili flake sauce) which is my favourite the other two which i taste almost taste alike.

Overall, being not much a fan of shabu shabu, i gave this place a 6 out of 10, credit to the many choices of sauce available there.