Monday, March 1, 2010


Seems like blogging is not my thing, its been a while i've not updated, and 2010 is already 2 month old, time really flies and which mean one more month for my training and will back to student life again.

To think again, when i'm in primary and secondary, i think school s**ks,tuition here and there but get to know more friends.

When i'm in college, i thought it was ok, just the assignments that kept me way too busy.

Now i'm temporary as a employee, i can't wait for this training to end. Wake up early, work 8 hours, no friends around, go home for a night then sleep and wake up and work and keep repeating. Everyday is like everyday to me except weekends.

So is this life?things are not always going the way we wanted, if we want it to be the way we wanted, we work to get that life we want. To work, i might need to start to love doing it first(if i don't really like it,that is)But, is that possible?