Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jade Pot(Ban Hock Road)

Jade pot is located at Ban Hock road.It is located at where i circle on the map.

This place mainly sell Taiwanese foods.

Their drinks is nice but quite expensive.Honey Green Tea@RM3.00

Blueberry Milky tea@RM3.00+RM0.50(with pearl,珍珠)

century egg + beancurd@RM2.00

This is their side dish, , it taste great because they use the sesame oil with chili,and it is just a little bit spicy so its suitable for all ages.This food is served cold.

ma-lak noodles(嘛辣面)@RM4

My favorites dish at there,you can have it in three levels of spiciness(小辣,中辣,大辣).It is preferable to have 中辣 which is moderate. The reason i love this dish is because of the combination of chili oil they used and the preserved sze chuan vegetable(四川菜) and minced meat which makes this dish spicy and delicious.

Fermented Red beancurd(南乳) meat with rice@RM5

which is also one of my favourite dish,they marinade the meat with Fermented Red beancurd(南乳) and deep fried it.The outer layer of the meat is crispy and yet the meat inside is still juicy.

Another dish you should try here is the beef noodle.

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