Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"lucky" day(updated)

Guess what?for the first time,i'm stuck in a lift, for 40+ minutes, luckily only at the second floor.

How it feel?hot(1o people inside), stuffy and boring. But brings up some funny and interesting conversation inside.

One of the conversation from the speaker when we rang the help bell.

Some girl from the speaker:对不起哦,他们还没来.要等一下.
C : 等几下啊?
Some girl from the speaker:我不知道bo,他们说on the way從Batu Kawa來.
Everyone: Hah???!!!

In chinese
A: So hot, luckily got brought drinks along(Open ups her bag and take out a bottle of water)
B: You sure?There's no toilet here oh.
A:"Do it" here lo(giggles)

To be honest,quite a memorable day for me.

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