Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Kolomee(sekama)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

Don't know the name of this coffee shop, but it is a corner shop as i had circled on the map. They are famous for their red or as known as (char shio yew)kolomee here but they do sell other food here too. This coffee shop is operating at morning and night until late night.

This bowl cost RM2.80. Their "char shio" is quite nice and taste of the mee is not that sweet, it has barbeque flavour because of its (char shio yew) they used which is quite original.

I would not say its delicious if compare to the kolomee on the previous post. The negative points i'm gonna give to this kolomee is that the kolomee is quite dried which i don't like about kolomee.

Thats all for this post.stay tuned for more updates.

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