Sunday, May 10, 2009

yeow kee kopitiam(updated)

This place is located at the place i circled on the map.

I've blog about this place before, and i'm going to blog again since there's some food i didn't manage to try previously. When i reached there this morning,this place was packed of people!

Saw many people order this. Milo Dinosaur@RM4.00! i'm just going to say, too sweet too expensive! they add extra Milo powder on top as you can see.

Foochow Duck Mee Sua@RM5.00. Quite reasonable as there are 5 pieces of chop duck, 2 prawn meat wanton, fish cake and the mee sua is a lot. The soup is quite plain, but just add the chili provided to improve the taste, bird eye chili that is.

Tiam Gian Ngu@RM5.00. Didn't try this one.

好味面@RM3.80. I would recommend to try this dish, is quite different from the kolomee and the kampua mee we always eat. They use handmade noodle which makes the noodle very "Q", the taste of the noodle is bit sour as they use vinegar, the ingredient they use taste not bad.

So, enjoy!oh ya,by the way....

Happy Mother's Day especially to my dearest mum and to all mums out there~!

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