Friday, May 1, 2009

享記茶室(carpenter street)

This place is located where i circled on the shop.

I'm sure all the Chinese citizens here in Kuching know this place, Is the most famous and delicious kolomee you can find here in Kuching.This is their new signboard.

Most people come here order their special soup and kosong mee or rice.Waited for like 50 minutes for this.i order this special soup here without "pak lai",means without those intestine and liver which i don't like,so if you only like the meat,just tell them you don't want "pak lai".One word can only describe this,delicious!

This is the so called black vinegar noodle(o cho mee,in hokkien),this kosong mee cost RM1.70 per bowl and its a lot.

Some little information here, when you come here you either have to wait for a seat or you are asked to share with someone else, and just wait for them to order and serve for you when you are seated, if you being impatient and complain for waiting so long, you probably will be "scolded".

This place is operating from morning until noon.

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