Monday, May 4, 2009

Jong Corcodile Farm and Zoo

Having a one day trip to Jong's Crocodile farm and zoo at 17th mile with college friends yesterday.

Chameleon,camouflage with the tree branch.

Tailless Crocodile

Otter, cute and has innocent voice.


More Crocs.

Anyone know what type of bird is that?

Peacock, didn't manage to take picture opening it's feather


Poor little goat alone, its the only goat here.

That's the oldest Crocodile(the one behind) here.

Bear looking at me curiously.


Don't know what type of fish is this.

The biggest of them all, dragon fish,think that's the name in hokkien.

Feeding Crocodile Show.

Fierce bird.

Went home at 3pm, tired but memorable.

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