Friday, May 29, 2009

Soon Fatt Cafe(Petanak)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

If you love to eat foods like 炒煮, like foochow mee, fried mee/kueh tiaw/rice, tomato mee/kueh tiaw. Here is the place you should come. The outside signboard is the one with pepsi logo.

This is their famous Foo Chow Fried Mee@RM4.00 . This is the best Foo Chow fried mee i had eaten in Kuching so far. The gravy taste great. Its a must try.

Love the salted fried rice@RM4.00 here too. The saltiness is average, not too salty which is good. The rice is fried perfectly.

Some other things you should try here is the "Cao Chai Bee Hoon", which taste a little bit sour. Heard that the chef here is originally Foo Chow people, maybe that's the reason that thier foochow mee is so delicious.

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  1. It's lunch time now and I would love to have the foo chow yee mee at this time oooo~~

    awww...damn hungry leh..u bad bad la..ur yee mee made me more n more hungry adi!!