Friday, May 22, 2009

American idol ( season kris allen)

American idol season may come to a end now, but the topics is still on.

Yup, he's the one, American idol of season 8 and also the one who is turning on the topic.

He won by millions of votes, many are still wonder, should he be in the finals?and who knows, that vary day, he became American Idol. I'm definitely a fan of Adam so as many other people and Adam is obviously better than him.

Kris can sing but not as good as Adam. He is good in slow sentimental or acoustic songs, i like his "the way you look tonight" performance, but he is not consistence as Adam

Seems like the votes by America is getting out of control, 100 million freaking votes just for 2 person compare to 40 millions of votes for those top 7 previously.weird.


  1. Me too! No disrespect but Kris just doesn't deserve it at all!

  2. oh. 100 mil vs 40 mil huh? thts a good observation. =)

    @Ju Ann, cute or not, Adam Lambert is Adamazing!! LOL

    i so *hearts* Adam!! LOL

  3. the news said the voting was unfair, cause there was this phone company who sponsored this kris fan club, and give them free texting to Kris during the finals. >=(