Friday, June 12, 2009

Poh Kwong Park Kueh Chap

This place is located somewhere i circled on the map. Here may be difficult to find if you never been here before. When you are at the main road at green road, take the left turn before the Exel Petrol Station and follow along the road until you saw a shop house of a tuition name "Pusat Tuition Unik"(what an unique name) and take the left turn and look right you should able to see stall.

Is just a small stall operating, but the kueh chap here is my favorite one in Kuching.

The kueh chap soup here doesn't has that strong intestine or liver smell, instead they have a little taste of herbal flavor which i like.

Main dish which contain of meat,intestine, Bean curd, chicken feet and egg. Best when dip with the belacan which is one of the reason i love the kueh chap here.

If i'm not mistake, they only serve soya bean for drinks for this stall.

There are also other stalls here, heard about the satay there is nice, but never try it before, going to review it next time.


  1. Hmm...this dish looks new to me leh..i never heard of the name b4..anyway, i wanna try the herbal soup too^

  2. It looks good to me! Feel like eating it! But I'm situated in Singapore hahaha! Which part of Malaysia is it at btw?

  3. kueh chap.. super NICE to eat!
    but i nvr eat there.

    can try.

  4. Kueh Chap~~!!! me love it!! When I'm in kuching, that was about my favourite food!! Dont think I can find it here in PJ. I love the ones in Tabuan Jaya. :)