Saturday, June 6, 2009

E-Taste Food Court(updated)

This place is located at where i circled on the map.

I've blog about this place before just that last time the quality of the pictures is not that good. So, this time i'm going to review it again. Here is the famous clay pot foods.

Curry Mutton, my favorite among all the choices.

Original Mutton Soup, a little bit blend of herbal flavor.

Assam sour fish, recommended.

Trying out the kankong belacan at the back, and it taste incredibly delicious, have not eaten such a delicious kankong belacan for quite sometime. Not that salty. It is spicy,recommended.

There also been a change of the owner here. They have a new drinks menu, here's what we have tried out. Honey Green Tea.

Yam. Recommended for those who love yam flavor as it has a strong taste of yam.

No idea what this call, didn't try it.

Just a reminder here, the clay pot foods here should cost around RM7-RM8, their menu will change depends of which day. The new special drinks here cost around RM3-RM5 if i'm not mistaken.

Do come early at night if you want to eat those claypot foods, or else many of their signature dish might sold out as early as around 8pm.


  1. E-taste, my classmate family shop~~~

  2. wow~~ Yummy yummy mutton curry^^ does it taste superb spicy?? Wanna try it out ler~

  3. the blue color drink looks nice¬

  4. Woww...complete with map... awesome!! this is a great blog.. I am visiting Kuching soon..will refer some from ur blog.. ^_^