Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minced Beef Noodle, Carpenter Street

This place is located somewhere i circled on the map.

Didn't take picture of the signboard but just the stall, is a corner shop.

Minced Beef Noodle. Consider one of my favorite hawker food in Kuching. They use hand-made noodle which makes the noodle "Q" and the minced beef and the crispy pork skin is so yummy. It's a must try in Kuching.

Should i call this mouse kuih in english? cause is call "ngiao chu kuih" in Hokkien. Same, just that is minced beef ngiao chu kuih.

Mutton Noodle. First time trying this, it taste a little bit like "Ma-Lak Mian", taste delicious too, just that they overcooked the meat.

Price can be refer on the hawker stall picture. Thats all, stay tuned.


  1. I miss kuching food, especially kolo mee!!! buts rare they use minced beef for noodles though, its usually minced pork.

  2. i dont think i have tried the rat noodles yet. would love to try it one day