Monday, June 1, 2009

One Day trip to Sematan,Gunung Gading

Today, went to Sematan, Lundu, Gunung Gading with family. Such a long journey, took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach there.

Destination, reached. Pay RM2 for entry per person.

Lots of people having vacation as it was public hoiliday.

The beach is much more clearer and wider than Damai. Let the pictures explain.

After having fun at the beach, dine at the cafe there. Satay@RM9per plate;8 sticks, yummylicious, quite reasonable as it was big in size.

The drinks, Ice Lemon@RM3.00, coconut@RM3.00.

After that,off to Lundu. Just an "pasar feel" small town.

Reached Gunung Gading.

That's a lot of column.

Fake Raflesia displaying. Unable to see the real one as it was not the right season.

Jungle walk. Nothing interesting for this walk, hot and humid, trees and plants all around.

Mini Waterfall

After that, lunch at nearby.

They call it butter prawns, but i think is planta/margarine prawn. Taste not bad actually.

Sweet and sour fish, nothing special, too oily.

Wild pig.

Finally, end our lovely trip with sunny hill ice cream at 3rd mile.

Old time favorite vanilla ice-cream@RM3.00.

Mixed Vanilla with chocolate with peanuts toppings.

That's all for this memorable day.


  1. Been longing for some coconut drink!
    N it's so cheap!

  2. more pics on the food rather than the journey to the national park haha

  3. i enjoyed the lundu info n pics. havent been there like for ages... i had omos forgotten about Sunny Hill ice cream :)

  4. Nice post & prawns look delicious. Thks for visiting!