Friday, June 5, 2009

Peach Garden(updated)

Just find out a new stall at peach garden here where i review .

The stall is located at the side, not inside. This stall sell mainly Hong Kong local favorite foods.

"Zha Jiang Mian", taste a little bit sour, but nice.

"Ma Lak Mian", never eaten a soup version of Ma Lak Mian before, the spiciness is moderate. Is almost like HK version of Sarawak Laksa.

Forgot the price since this is taken days ago. But it should be around RM3 to RM4.

Butter Chicken@RM4.00. Crispy and oily butter around it.Not that nice.The stall is located outside.

I love this one! Crispyy on the outside and soft inside with red bean filling. This stall is located at the first few stall outside. RM2.00 for 3.

Lion Head@RM1.00 each.First time eating this, first bite, will make you crave for more! SUPER CRISPY on the outside, Lotsss of juicy delicious meat inside. A must try.

Mo Chi@RM4.00,big. Taste quite nice with those peanuts, but nothing special.

Fried oyster@RM9.00, one word,crispy.


  1. yeahyeah~~ GOod to see u hav updated with food again!! hahaha..*sounds like I have not makan for 10 years hor*

    Hmm..i wanna try out the "zha jiang mian", "mochi" and the "fried oyster"!!

    adui..feel wan to makan it now la..can u deliver to PJ, Selangor by courier to me?? heheheh~~

  2. I'm going back to Kuching later at night.. lol..
    Back to Uni life...

  3. I think the best butter chicken I have ever eaten was at Secret Garden. It tasted not too sweet and not too oily as well. And, the oyster pancake, I think Batu Lintang serves the best oyster pancake. :)

  4. i think Batu Lintang serves great wat u call it...they deep fry the noodles n then put soup on it..the noodles come out as crispy. the mo chi looks tempting so does the 3 for RM2.00

  5. i can tell that's one of the most happening place in kuching at the moment.

  6. Raymond - jfook
    is it the located at padungan?thanks for the recommendation.