Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ho Ciak Bak

This place is located at where i circled on the map, it should be quite easy to locate if u you driving at the main road at jalan padungan.

Lets start with rice, just like every other garlic rice you can eat in bak kut teh coffee shop.

Yellow wine ginger chicken. Not recommended.

Well, this is a must try, their bak kut teh. To be honest, this is more delicious than the one at 3rd mile, because the soup has richer herbal taste yet it is not bitter at all, instead is a little bit sweet. The price should be RM6 per person, quite expensive.

"you tiaw" for you to dip the bak kut teh soup.

They don't have sambal bak kut teh here, but they do have dry chili bak kut teh which you can try too.

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  1. did u jz say garlic rice? nice~ in Segamat i'v tried yam rice + bak kut teh really yummy2. actually RM6/prsn is kinda cheap 4me coz in KL is RM8/prsn which is more pricy